Geeks With Guns

Chris Sheehan, Kai Gray and David Cancel sponsored a fantastic day of firearms and startup camaraderie yesterday, cheekily called “Geeks With Guns.” About 15 of us headed out to the Minute Man Gun Club in Burlington, MA, and let off a little steam by blowing some shit up. Fun.

A few things struck me heading home after the great dinner that followed the event. The first was how great a group of people were gathered there, and how happy I was to be considered in the context of entrepreneurs I genuinely respect and admire. The second was how important the social layer of the startup ecosystem is… how each of us was doing something right now we might not be doing in 5 years, but how these relationship would endure and support us in the changing tides of a hard-charging career.

Finally, it struck me that I was relaxed. Firearms take focus. Focusing on them means unplugging for the stress of everything else - something I’m sure other people get from running, fishing, bird-watching, whatever.

That’s some good ju-ju. Need to do more of that going forward, whether it means blowing shit up or not.

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